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My bloods say my lupus is under control yet in the last 12 months my infection rate is dreadful, my body is racked in pain but on an emergency visit to my consultant (I had his stand in) was told everything was fine and to cut out my Azarthioprine only on 50mg due to my weight. My pain level if possible has got worse. Going on holiday on Tuesday was he right to say give up this drug. He said at that dose it wasn't doing anything anyway. I also have SS and Fibromyalgia . Don't know what to do. I am not new to these illnesses almost 30 years but still feel help is hard to get. It's hard to get Dr to listen to what I say and not what the bloods say.

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Yep. Drs are very good at being elusive.

Several years ago I was taken off 25mg Azathiaprone, and left on a basic 5mg prednisolone maintenance dose.

I 'believe' ? the reason I was taken off it was because the azathiaprine was messing with my white blood count - causing it to become a bit too low.

Its possible (?) this is why you've been prone to infections?

(Having said this its hard to really know with your uncommunicative Dr?)

But if this is the case -

Just to be on the obsessively safe side, (sorry - I am very very obsessive) I would make sure your Drs do regular follow ups on your white blood cell count for a good while.

If you can't shake your infections, get back to your consultant.


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