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Liver function

Hi all I have been taken of warfarin for multiple PE on both lungs and put on Riviaxoban, this has been since Sept 2014, now I have low liver function need to go for a ultrasound scan, I also have enlarged red blood cells and don't drink alcohol, doc is not convinced it's the new meds. I have also had my anas done awaiting for results. Feeling genuinely fed up. Sorry for negative feelings.

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Hi lucybelle, I take Warfarin but not Riaviaxoban so I don't know much about the latter. Thanks for sharing your situation as it helps educate us & hopefully brings comfort to the author. Try not to worry, if your body is rejecting your current med, hopefully this will show in the ultrasound scan & regular blood test results. If so, your Rheumy may need to offer alternative meds. If you have energy might be worth doing some online research of possible alternatives to present to your Rheumy or GP. Request explanations of whether suitable or not. Blessings to you x


Hi lucybelle

Interesting reading you have enlarged red cells and don't drink. I have the same. Have the doctors given you a possible cause?. If your ANA result comes back positive you must ask for a Rheumatologist referral as it shows there is something going on with your immune system!. Good luck for your liver ultrasound, hope you get help soon. X


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