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Do immunosuppressants and sushi mix?

Hey guys a bit if a random question.

Met up with a friend at Yo Sushi and had a lovely catch up which was nice because I don’t get to go out that often.

However when I came home my tummy was doing stunts and show and I was up all night 

I’m not sure if Imagined this having this conversation when I started taking rituximab infusion but I think I'm meant to stay away from sushi (or perhaps I am thinking about a tv show referring to pregnant women)

Has anyone on immunosuppressants been advised to stay away from sushi?

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I'm not on immunosuppressants but was a little curious about your question. Partly because I want to be prepared if I do land up on them in the future. I found the following link and you are right. Apart fro sushi there are a lot of other things to avoid eating rnhrd.nhs.uk/uploads/files/...

Hope you are feeling better now.

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Being gluten and dairy free (to try to support my immune system to heal to recover from Lupus), sushi is a regular staple. It's one of the things that it's easy to buy as a takeaway if I'm out. On Hydroxychloroquine and never had negative reaction from sushi :-)


Hi I don't suffer from Lupus but do take immunosuppressant meds ( Methotrexate) for arthritis and was given a long list of things I couldn't do. Eating raw fish or meat was amongst it. Normally your body can easily overcome any slight bacteria on these types of food but with a week ammune system they may get the better of you hence the feeling of being sick


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