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Luppie living alone

Hey fellow Lupies

I’ve been gone for a minute but I have some good news …

I am getting my own place.

I’ve had the most stressful months trying to find a property then applying for a mortgage etc. but it is really happening

Yes I get a lot of help and support being at home with my family but I have really been feeling the need to be independent.

However I’m not going to lie it is quite scary. A lot of things that magically get done for me I will now have to do for myself.

Does anyone have any tips or hacks for living alone especially during a flare?

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Hi, I live alone with SLE, APS, Rayneuds & nerve pain condition. I always make sure I have a charged phone nearby (in case of emergency). If I'm having a minor flare-up or infection, it usually triggers my arthritis so I make sure I have easy to prepare food in the fridge like soup, salads & store fresh meat in the freezer or a cooked meat joint that lasts a few dys. I make porridge in the microwave as can't stir due to pain in wrists & fingers. I love having peace & quiet during a flare-up so I can meditate & not deal with other peoples energy. I listen to the radio for company & info. Oh yh when I don't have Food left, I have a collection of take away menus & tend to order veggie options. Online food shopping is also helpful. During flare ups, it helps to have positive coping strategies & healthy foods/drinks that are easy to prepare


Stock up on essentials ie toilet paper, tissues, medication, teabags... Other than that enjoy!!! I love my own space because when I am flaring I can crash and not be concerned about anyone else. If the washing isnt done today well it will get done tomorrow (maybe)

Congratulations!! Super exciting


Thanks for your responses guys

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