Would hydroxychloroquine (plaquenil) stop headaches?

I've been treated with plaquenil for 6 months due to suspected Sjogren's syndrome/Lupus - I'm antibody negative for everything though so this is purely based on symptoms.

When I saw my rheumy I said I wasn't sure how much it was helping so he's suggested stopping it for 1 month to see if I do start to feel worse as he said this is often the best way to see if it is working. If I feel worse I can go back on it.

I've been off it for 2 weeks and I've been getting terrible terrible headaches again :( I've had my current headache since Saturday and all the muscles in my face and neck are killing me. I think I'd forgotten how bad my headaches were before plaquenil but I wasn't sure if plaquenil would actually help with headaches though? I'm just trying to think could the headaches be due to the heat or something or is it definitely the plaquenil?

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Hi there

I can't say it helped me but what I would say is that once I was on adequate medication (for me methotrexate too) my migraines (which occurred every 3 days) completely stopped.

For me there is definitely a correlation between disease activity/control and headaches, so perhaps it is the same for you.


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