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Hi, I have APS and no spleen. Approximately every 3 months or so I notice that my hair sheds a bit more than normal and that I am feeling weary. I'll as my doc if I can have a Ferratin test together with the INR, and the results will always come back low. Then I will buy some iron supplements form the Pharmacy and be as right as rain again.

I spoke to the doctor as this is a regular recurrence. She said it could be Chrohns disease, but that test came back negative or Bowel cancer!! (Very reassuring).

I have no spleen, and understand that the spleen is a ferratin store, i'm also a vegetarian, which I am sure will have a impact.

My question is: does anyone else with APS suffer from this? Could it somehow be linked to the condition?


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Hi Suejane

I am also vegetarian and have been for for over 30years but have an enlarged spleen. This was found out during tests for very low (transfusion/infusion level) anaemia when I kept losing hair ,more from one side than other but that's apparently OK,and feeling exhausted. I was told that an enlarged spleen can cause or be caused by low iron,ferritin etc. So now on iron tablets for life ,did take trying a few different to find ones I could tolerate, and this does help to regulate things so would think if the spleen or lack of in your case might have a big impact on your levels.Try being referred to a haemotologist to look into it.

Hope that helps


Thanks for the reply, I will contact the hospital to see what they have to say.



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