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Feel This Pain: Ehlers-Danlos

Much more than just a "stretchy skin" disease, Ehlers-Danlos is a very painful syndrome with very real consequences for those who have it.

#EhlersDanlos #dontpunishpain #GivePainAVoice

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"Ehlers-Danlos syndrome4" by Piotr Dołżonek - see below. Licensed under GFDL via Wikimedia Commons -

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"Ankle Subluxation"

Mayo Clinic Information:

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He is scarily over dramatic. Yes it's serious but after watching that you could think your life was over. Certainly not one to show the kids, who like me have EDS!


My son was being tested for EDS along with other disorders (I have lupus and sjogrens) and it turns out he has joint hypermobility. Which sounds like it should be a good thing right? But no...constant knee pain from overextending, having to give up sport, missed schooling. So pain is very dramatic to those that suffer it.


I am sorry, I did not mean to offend. My children have had many complications including surgery and chronic pain. It's the way he puts it across. We have to be positive!


Is there any help in the south east for dentistry as i have eds and lupus


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