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My Rhumatologist

I am on 30mg every morning of Prednisolone my skin is a mess I hope to God my skin clears up as my Rhumy Dr Sanna said I had a neg RNA so he discharged me 10% of people with Lupus will present with a neg RNA Discharged back to the GP & call a loony only a few month or a year after to have end stage kidney disease & heart attacks & strokes. I am also on 40mg a day of Furosemide & they are trying to say my seizures are because they say I am a loony I am taking out a court case it is in the hands of Human Rights Lawyers. You only get a + RNA in the very start of the flare up of the disease I call these people Baby Luppies if you like me have had this for like decades it is harder to get a clear + result as the disease bindes to every fibber of your body.

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