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Back and tummy pains

Hi, I have pains in my lower back most of the time and recently it has become much worse. I had a swelling on my tail bone scanned and was told it was just fluid. Does anyone know if it could be because of the damaged connective tissue that my back is particularly delicate? As soon as I try to use it , it's is so sore and I have shooting pains. A lot of the time I have stomach pains with it and not sure if it's referred pain. Can I get any help through rheumatologist ? Could I get referred for physio if I rang and told them what was happening? Not sure whether to go to Dr or physio? Would be grateful for any advice or similar experience.


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I have had coccyx pain for months. GP says it will likely go away on it's own and doesn't know if it's connected with sle or fibromyalgia. Not seeing rheumy til Aug will talk to him about it. Also, like you I have a lot of lower back pain too.


Hi fishers63,

I had same lower back and coccyx pain before I dignoised SLE. Its so pain that I had to crawl the stairs to bed and not walking .


Hi fisher and vambat. Thanks for your replies. I tried to phone rheumatologist today bu can't get through t secretary so no luck getting to see physio. I to have next appointment in august so will just have to make a huge fuss then I guess and hope it doesn't get to bad before then although even walking hurts today. Hope you guys are having a good day.


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