Swallowing to much

Hi everyone. I don't know if anyone can help but ill try. twice this past week I have swallowing issues. I have sjorens so most of the time my mouth is dry,but thes times as today I have to swallow more then normal. It is driving me insane and my hubby says its in my mind though how ever hard i try i cant stop it.The first time was wednesday last week and thursday then friday to sunday was fine. I also have Lupus,RA,vasculitis,osterperosous and a prolapse also waiting for a gall bladder op. Any advice would be good like does sjorens cause this also.Thanks for reading .xx

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  • That is so strange you saying that,I have lupus,my mouth always dry and I'm always having to swallow,find it difficult talking at times,my mouth so dry and my speech isn't right at times.

  • I too have sle lupus and sjogrens and also have a dry mouth.

    I find that chewing on chewing gum provides the lubrication and saliva for the mouth. Make sure you get sugar free and it will be helping and cleaning your teeth at the same time.

    Hope this helps


  • My mouth can get quite dry. I walked out of church coughing this past Sunday. No one told me this but as I have been trying to sort throat, nose and ear issues thru, I determined that the 3 issues are related to postnasal drip that does not stop. During the night, everything clogs up, making me hoarse in the morning. The positive diagnosis I have is SLE.

  • I too have sjorens which causes dry eyes, mouth and even dry vagina. I have to chew sugar free gum especially when I am out. As soon as I go into church I get my chewing gum out before I start to talk to people and sing.

    The consultant also told me to chew gum. This really does help so why not try this Snowdragon. All the best and perhaps you should go to your GP if the swallowing persist. xx

  • Same here I think it is due to having our condition

  • Same here, I chew a lot of sugar free gum to help, nights are the worst so I take a drink to bed and have a spray by my bed on prescription. Havent noticed excess swallowing Snowdragon, maybe I've got used to it, but the dry throat does make for an irritating cough that comes and goes. I make sure I have something to suck on if I have to go out

  • Thank you all for your replys. i am trying mind over matter so I don,t swallow as I did. The dry throat etc is most days and I take water with me when ever i go out and at bedtimes.Sometimes I wake every hr and grab the bottle for a swig lol. My son said i have noticed the extra swallowing and its on my mind so trying the mind over matter. Once again my frieends you have come to my rescue thank you. xx

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