does anyone know if leukocytes CA 15 is infection, or a lupus thing...Its out of range on my health records i can access...I was taken off hydroxychloroquine almost a week ago...I had trace amounts of ketones and billirubin , but retest today show they are not there now.....But leukocytes have appeared since being tested 4 days ago....sorry its ( A ca 15 leukocytes)

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  • Hi dgleds

    Is this reading the result of a urinalysis test?

    I've been doing loads of those lately due to persistent infection which my gp & rheumatologist think is in my kidneys (possibly due to kidney stones). None of my drs have referred to any of my pos leukocytes results as a 'lupus thing' - I'm always put on antibiotics for pos leukocytes.

    Here is the kind of info found on the instructions leaflets that come with Urinalysis Reagent Strip Test Kits:

    Leucocytes: Urines of healthy subjects do not contain any leucocytes. Positive results, even when constantly varying from negative to 25, are to be considered as clinically relevant. Discolorations which no longer match the negative colour field are to be classed as positive. The colour fields correspond to the following values: neg. (negative), approx.25 (+), approx. 75 (++), approx. 500 (+++) leucocytes/μl. Values of 10-20 leucocytes/μl are indicated.

    My kit is the same kind used by drs, and the instructions leaflet includes other details about how to interpret leukocytes results

    Hope this helps somewhat....and I hope your kidneys/urinary tract are doing ok....no fun dealing with probs in this dept....myself, am about to have a renal ultrasound scan and then my first urology consultation: v glad to finally get investigated (my version of these probs has been recurring in persistent phases all my life) but not glad to add yet another clinic to my score sheet....

    Take care xo

  • Which tests strips do you use? Kind regards Watercolour

  • I go to Amazon, see what kits are offered & read the reviews before choosing a kit that is definitely pharmacy/gp surgery grade. My GP & rheumy say these kits are all good. The kits my rheumatology clinic & gp use look just like the kits I get....and my drs say they are the same thing. The important thing is to read the info leaflet & follow directs carefully (eg store the kit properly, avoid vaginal secretions in the sample etc etc)

  • Thx so much x

  • ok, thank you Barnclown

  • Leukocytes are white blood cells they are a sign of inflammation and infection. The body sends out white blood cells against perceived threats. If it is in a urine test it may indicate a UTI or inflamation in bladder or kidneys. It could definitely be a caused by lupus because of the inflammation it causes. You should ask your doctor. If the results also said a number in the "flora" or "debris" items then you might just have a UTI. Ask your doctor or nurses help line though.

  • Im in Canada, but I had to see a student GP...I think it was from the urine test....I can see my results on line....I was tested last thursday by the Rhumey in Vancouver and it was negative for leukocytes....I went to the GP when i got back, because i had the bilirubin reading and ketone thing and wanted to be retested, and this time they came back negative....BUT, leukocytes were there this time in out of range....Since October I have had burning skin on outside of my privtates, but tested negative back then....student Gp thought some kind of older lady thing with the skin, and gave me steroid ointment yesterday....I got the recheck on the urine, cause i thought at times at the bikini line, i had a mild cramp (not often)...I just got pulled off plaquinil too...he things im sensitive to it..I think he is back tracking...so long story short..its like a cat/mouse thing going on???

  • Not sure how old you are. I just looked at ketone/bilirubin..have you? Cramp over bikini line? What are these telling you?

    Lupus. (You also got an useless man for a rheumy!!) sorry, had to be said..lol

  • Im 58 now....;(....apparently that ketone-bilirubin thing was one off...Gp said as we get older all kinds of stuff happens...I got a retest done and it was normal... Then I had more leucocytes, but not enough to make an infection or something...Yes my rhumetologist is a strange guy, but to see someone else might take like a year or so to get in...I heard that one of the lady ones is equally as weird.. There is another lady rhumetologist and everyone wants her, so her waiting list is mega!!!!! So, he has me off plaquinil now...its been not quite 2 months yet....I don't have drastic symptoms at the moment, but little things here and there...It all started in 2012 with like a weird hearing thing in one ear, then the other...then super touchy hearing(re verb)...then like old stereo or quadraphonic back and forth a bit...He said back then a virus that maybe started it, but how can that be back 3 years later? Ya , was back a bit other day... I know stress sure doesn't help, and boy if im lacking sleep things get a bit weirder....BUT im still alive...:)

  • As someone knowing about lupus, I know how hard it is to make any changes in life. It seems easier to keep things as things are. Perhaps, you aren't too crazy about taking medications..I don't think that's unusual either. Hearing things..inflammation going on here and there..but it's nothing too serious enough to take any action..Hope it will stay that way lol. Sounds so lupus..yes, lucky to be alive with L!! :)

  • Well..I think the rhumetologist wants to see if I have bigger symptoms if im off the plaquinil...He never said that, but what else would it be?...I guess I had mild symptoms, and he slapped me on the meds pretty fast...I guess I responded to the meds pretty good, even low dose..I think the GP said the rhumetologist considers me a mystery...and he is still working it out...I can now trace the funny ANA back to 2008 (on a test, because I have DDD, and someone back then, suggested I be tested for rhumetoid arthritis, because my Gran had that bad)...it came back neg for RA, but positive on ANA with speckly....but no one said anything...(coincidence having that test done). So if your lupus pattern is established in a 10 year thing...I have a couple more years to find out. I never was a person to get colds etc...BUT im a big stress case!!! and have had some big stress situations last 5 years or so...its like this thing is lurking...

  • Stress & lupus..a very bad mix!! Hope you aren't waiting for anything too sinister...lupus is so unpredictable & so spooky the way it strikes. Good luck :)

  • It better not be anything too sinister!!! Im just being a good girl for the Rhumey, and waiting for I dunno? I go back to the Rhumey in July. If anything happens in the mean time, Im to go to my student Gp, I guess...

  • "Im just being a good girl for the Rhumey"

    I know, I know..someone once told me, Doctors are "professionals" who need to "serve their patients" but some of us are uber considerate towards MDs..lol

    Sometimes, I too, find medications make things far more complicated given our "sensitivity" to drugs. Stay well and have a nice weekend xx

  • Thanks Ferntree, you have a nice weekend too....

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