Interstitial cystitis....what a pain :-( help

Finally managed to get a referral for my symptoms of interstitial cystitis which have plagued me on and off for 12 years but Have in the past been continually fobbed off with antibiotics.

My consultant is lovely, he listened to me as if I knew what I was talking about, asked me simple questions and within 5 minutes he agreed that all the signs suggested that I do have IC and is booking me in to hospital for a day to have a biopsy of my bladder. I agreed immediately as I would love to kick this into touch, well manage it better but now I have come home I am panicking slightly.

Has anyone had this, I will have a GA but I am concerned about the discomfort afterwards. Also, is the biopsy to rule out cancer????

Any information, good or bad would help me to prepare for this so please don't hold back ;-)

It would be great to get this under control so that I can then concentrate on my other numerous issues .... The joy of having autoimmune diseases ;-)

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Hi Chablis,

It's good to hear your getting this sorted.

I have had frequent urine infections, urine tested each.

Only one test showed infection. Does this relate to IC?

If I was you I would phone your Consultants Secretary & ask dr to let you know if the biopsy in any way relates to checking for cancer. Put your mind at rest. If they are doing a biopsy I wonder if they check for all possibilities as standard.



No, the biopsy is to check how scarred your bladder has become/is - that will help the doctor decide best treatment.


Try D-Mannose, i get it from Amazon. Read the reviews, they r amazing. My urologist suggested i go on amazon and buy this stuff. I haven't had to go bavk to him again. Stopped my IC, and no more investigation operations! I was dubious about herbal stuff but it worked! Good luck x


Hi Chablis

It's good your finally going to get the right help for your bladder problems. I had a cystoscopy, not sure what a GA is, and had a biopsy of my bladder because inflammation was found and I was then diagnosed with I. C. I think they do rule out cancer as a possibility especially if your on immunosuppressive drugs for Lupus. You can be sedated for the test as I was so don't worry about it. I take 2 different drugs for I.c and my bladder has considerably improved. Best of luckX


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