Hi all seen Prof today re results of x rays and bloods. Thankfully chest Ok but just getting over a chest infection. Bloods confirmed lupus flare. Today came up with a beautiful crop of mouth ulcers due to being run down. Prof in the process of writing letter to my employment manager to advise I can no longer continue in my role as a homeless officer due to high risk of infection from clients and a recommendation that I am relocated to a back office post. Fingers crossed all goes well for me.

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I hope all goes well for you. Check out if your employer has a disability policy.

You said Prof. ran bloods which confirmed your Lupus flare. Would you mind telling me which bloods. I am trying to get to the bottom of my symptoms which reflect Lupus. X


Hi Lulabelle

Sorry to read that your job will have to change because of your Lupus but I'm pleased you have a good Rheumy Consultant who wants to help. If you have any problems with your employer about redeployment you can go to your local Citizens Advice Bureau who have employment specialists who will be able to help. Hopefully it won't be needed . I hope you feel better soon. X


i, too, would like to know what the bloods are like for a lupus flare... i only see the rheumy seldom, but the gp can take bloods on a day if the timing is right. that'd be great! then, could find out what's up on a bad day! what tests need doing?


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