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MRI Scan - T2 Hyperintense white matter lesions reported

My recent MRI Scan reported T2 Hyperintense white matter lesions in the frontal region. Anyone else have any experience of this finding, and willing to share information please?

Also, recent A & E admission with chest pain and breathlessness. D-Dimer test elevated, so was given a VQ scan, no PE found, but matched defects of lungs reported, anyone any experience of this finding?

Thanks in advance.

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Indicates deterioration of neural pathways. Possibly related to low blood flow to the brain. Think more often expected to be found in peeps of 65 plus.

If your gp ordered the MRI I would imagine you will be referred to a Neurolgist.

I think it can be related to ataxia issues but not sure.

Have you tried Goodling?



Thanks Jellypain, few years off 65 LOL. It was actually my Rhuematologist who ordered the MRI, the 4th one in 4 years, previous 3 unremarkable. I do have Hughes Syndrome as well as SLE, so blood flow to the brain, plausible as explanation. Have seen Neurologist already, due to see them again in 2 weeks. Thanks for the reply.


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