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Connections between illness

I have Lupus, SS, and Fibromyalgia. I have had 3 mini strokes. My question is on doing family research my 2 aunties on my mothers side both had pernisous anaemia (sorry can't spell that) my brother has Sarcoidosis, I had a twin sister who had CF and also my older brother both died as baby's. My mother had numerous health problems she died of heart problems aged 60 in 1985. Does anyone think we have a link here. I have been diagnosed some 20+ years. Do I mention these other illnesses to my Rheumy. I feel slightly worried for my children. Thank you. Xx

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Hi there, you clearly need a rheumatologist who understands Hughes Syndrome - APS, (Antiphospholipid Syndrome), some people with Lupus also have this, there is a list of specialists in the UK here: A lot members from our site, HSF are also on here as they have Lupus and vice versa. A family history will often reveal, miscarriages, still birth, thyroid problems and other autoimmune problems. MaryF


Also please be aware if you have Hughes you usually have SS, and also Thyroid issues usually passed off as 'Fibro' due to the poor testing and also lack of medical expertise and some have Lupus on top! MaryF


Hi, when I was referred to rheumatology with limited scleroderma with an overlap of lupus I had to bring along an extensive family health history which featured various autoimmune things including: RA, alopecia. My father and my grandparents plus his siblings have all died before 52. They definitely took this serious.

The genetic relation in terms of scleroderma and lupus I was told is slim, though there is an increased chance mother passing to daughter (I have sons).

That may not help but I hope it does. I think family history is important.


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