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Night Tremors and sweats

Hi I am new to the site i was told about a year ago that I had discoid lupus of the skin but now doctor seems to think it is SLE and has started to effect everywhere I have been in a flare up for the last six weeks feel like I have never been away from doctors about two weeks ago I started with night tremors I have had about six now was quite alarmed the other day when my husband told me that he had felt me tremor does anyone else have these I also have really bad night sweats doctor has referred me to see neurologist was wondering if anyone has a bit of feed back please feel like I am coming to the end of my tether x

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Hello. I was diagnosed with SCLE - Subacute Cutaneous Lupus last November, 10 months ago. I was in a flare for approximately 18 months. At it's peak I had difficulty sleeping but was suffering chronic fatigue, migraines, dizziness, nausea and night sweats. I sometimes got hot flushes during the day too. It was a very distressing time and what with the other physical symptoms and memory problem I felt I was truly going mad!! I have been on hydroxy 200mg x twice a day since diagnosis and I feel like I have now finally come out if that big, l long flare. I read a lot on here and sometimes think that I should have had a course of steroids to give me a bigger push out of that awful low time - the hydroxy is working but was painfully slow - as a mother of 3 children I struggled so much and feel that I could have been helped more. Anyway, it sounds like your GP is taking your symptoms very seriously and referring you to specialists who will help you too. Good luck and I hope you start to feel better soon. The second best medicine for me has been rest/sleep. Best wishes. Wendy


Thank you for taking the time to reply just feel like over the last six wks know one has really listen to how I really feel and I have had to really push to get any answers I also have been taking hydroxychloroquine for about 6 month now but still don't feel a lot better unless it's this flare up and I just have to try wade through it but when I started getting these tremor s through night I nearly went in to melt down I just thought what next anyway they are addressing it now so fingers crossed and thanks again just nice to talk to someone who has been going through same as yourself x


Thanks for taking the time to reply it's just over the last 6 weeks I feel like know one has really listen to me i have had to really push to get any answers then I started with the tremors I nearly went into melt down but at least they have referred me so let's see what that brings it s just nice to talk to someone who knows what you are going through and how you feel again thank you x


Night sweats were a real problem for the point where I was taking cool showers in the middle of the night and changing nightwear.

My gp checked hormonal levels and they came back as normal, this is a several years ago. Thankfully a locum sent me off for blood tests in 2005, marked it as urgent, and they came back positive for SLE. I was prescribed hydroxychloroquine (the plaquenil version) and eventually the sweats lessened, cant recall just how long it took.

They haven't completely gone away but they are more bearable now. I've changed my bedding, given up the duvet and gone back to cotton sheets and blankets, thats helped a lot. Hope you get some feed back soon and the meds you need xxxx You're not alone...


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