Just says it all really , with my picture upside down! I'm out of sorts and think I need help

I have lupus, RA, bronchiestastis along with everything that goes with it all, depression, wonder why!!

Recently I have been registerested partially sighted, lack of peripheral vision, had to stop driving, sell the car, inform the dvla, I do understand that I am a problem!

My question is, how do you cope with 3 teenagers, who all seem to be angry with me for different reasons?????

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Hi hetty007, well you certainly have a lot to deal with, you poor thing. Are all your issues caused by lupus??? As for your teenagers, there is a lot of info for families of sufferers to read, but I guess they are typically only into their I.phones etc...just remember that a lot of teens can be very angry, hormonal, anxious beings themselves, and it doesn't mean they resent your disabilities. I know when I was pre diagnosis, my teenage son took every opportunity to exploit my illness. He would get up to 'no good', when i was in hospital, stay out late when I was in bed, and he knew 'dad', was too soft to rein him in. It hurt a lot at the time, but I know myself, I probably would have been the same at their age. My teens are now, 30&33 yrs old, and to see the worry sometimes on their faces, over me, I think I prefer their nonchalance from the past.

I do hope you have available every help an government funded service that you are entitled to, and don't forget us here on site to lend a sympathetic ear, from time to time.


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