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Good evening everyone


After a good chat with my dr yesterday (unusual) today I have had a blood test to check the function of my adrenal glands because something hormonal has now shown up on my blood tests .also I seem to have to have become steroid dependant . She is also referring me to an endocrinologist .this illness is chasing me round in circles all the best Alan

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Glad to here your GP is finally helping you ,good luck .chris

Thanks Chris think the fact we have asked practice manager for my medical records etc for past 21/2 years might have sent some messages to my drs cheers Alan

Hi Chris, if you have become steroid dependent, this will show up on a short sycthen test.

If so, please then ask for a day curve analysis too, to find out how much steroids you need and when. Ask about waking up the adrenals, rather than just staying on steroids for life. Otherwise you will never fully regain health. The adrenals are small yet they underpin your health & well being.

I was never offered a day curve, just left to rot on steroids for years. now it looks like my adrenal glands are not recovering and I may have to stay on steroids. If you have a day curve sooner, they can try ensure you aren't over or under medicated and use the information to awaken the adrenal glands - they are effectively in a deep state of sleep and need the correct stimulation to wake up!! Very best health to you x

Hi be happy my names Alan by the way ,I have only been on steroids for a month but have had something wrong with me for 21/2 years .whatever is wrong remits and relapses ,because they now consider my condition to be autoimmune they are checking my adrenal gland function to find out if they have been attacked,my eye and saliva glands have been along with quite a few other places. Many thanks Alan

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