Can my benefit be stopped?

Hi, iv'e been on ESA work related for around three years now due to a condition known as Avascular necrosis. I have had one hip replaced and am now awaiting the other to be replaced, however i suffered with depression after the first op and feel like postponing my pre op. My worry is if i do this will my benefits be stopped? I'm due my next review in june this year. My personal adviser is phoning me up every month asking if i'm anywhere near my date for surgery. Thanks in advance Brian.

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I'm sure I have read that the benefit is not dependent on operations. They cannot force you to have it done. If your advisor is hassling you, then I would say you are not ready both physically and emotionally.

Give CAB a ring, they can confirm this.


I have just checked on the Disability Rights UK site and after a bit of a scroll down, section 11, it definitely says that you cannot be made to undergo treatment.

Hope this puts your mind at rest.


Thanks bluebell99 for your reply, i feel so much more at ease now and will be ready for her phone call the next time she rings me up. She phoned me today funnily enough, but i missed her call and was unable to reply due to not having credit on my phone. . I have also been diagnosed recently with a bowel condition called proctitis, which she already knows of..... My head is all over the place right now and can't thank you enough for your help. Thanks once again Brian.


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