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Neurology Examination Results? Neuropathy?

My Neurologist has just sent me a letter on his findings and it reads ...

Pain sense was impaired from mid foot distally, vibration sense impaired at toe. Right ankle jerk absent, left just present and plantar flexor. It went on to say it points towards a neuropathy and relates to some underlying Connective Tissue Disorder ...

Does anyone know what this means? I dont see my GP till Thursday night and Rheuma next week ...

Im so upset it seems if its not one thing its another ... Im having bad stomach aches, nausea, diarrhea and flatulence (two weeks now) Its not IBS as Ive had no cramps just stomach pain and acid reflux ...

Has anyone suffered or suffering the same?

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Hi Elle26

Sorry about your neuropathy diagnosis, sadly it can come with these connective tissue diseases but is treatable. Has any treatment been suggested? It will be helpful to talk to your Rheumy about it. I take Gabapentin and find steroids have helped mine.

Are you taking a drug called Losec or any that are called proton pump inhibitors? These drugs help with stomach problems. Ask your GP and don't be surprised you may need to see a Gastroenterologist. We need so many doctors with these illnesses! Hope I've helped? Take Care. X


I have small fibre peripheral neuropathy, its the fibres on the muscles in the legs are damaged causing constant chronic pain


Hi, Thank you both for answering ... Ive got to go for more tests next Sunday .. EMG & NCV ... I will not know more till these test come back.. Rheuma put me on Pentagabin but I had bad side effects so Ive been put on Gabapentin .. The Rheuma has given me some more meds to take too .. Duloxetine. I have to take them along side the Gabapentin. Im also on Amitriptyline at night and Hydroxychloroquine along with Colofac and another medication ... Ive also put on lots of weight with Gabapentin :( and my blood pressure is just over high .. Ive put myself on a natural diet ie plate full of veg and a bowl of mixed fresh fruit .. Im on day 7 now so hopefull get back to the 10 stone I was ... Im weighing nearly 13 stone! I wasn't even that weight when I was heavily pregnant lol ... Its such a battle ... Im so sorry your all suffering, I can truly understand why Lupus and the overlapping disorders can take its toll then add the medication and its overwhelming ... Thank you again for your help, its not one thing its another -x-


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