Someone posted awhile back about tightness under the rib cage on the right side. I have talked to a nutritionist at a local health food store and told him I think I am not digesting my food. After dinner I feel very bloated and need to go lie down. I told him I had lupus and read somewhere about HCL acid low in the stomach. I asked him if this could be the problem. He said to try a digestive enzyme and that I might have a leaky gut. I have been taking for two days before each meal, and I do not have the rib cage discomfort and I feel pretty good. He said start with the enzyme and then maybe I would need hcl. I am doing good with the digestive enzyme. I thought it would give me intestinal discomfort, but it hasn't. Almost like my body was craving it. I don't know how long I should take or whether it has to be for life. Might want to try. Going to a lecture this week on enzyme digestion .

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Thank you so much for posting this.

I have the last month been having right upper quadrant pain, almost feels like someone is blowing up a balloon under my ribs, accompanied by severe bloating and flatulence.

Had a chest x-ray on Monday as doctor was concerned I could have a PE (I have APS), no result yet, but D-Dimer test normal. Next on list is a gallbladder scan.

I have been doing my own research, and this RUQ pain seems very common. I started myself off on Betaine HCL this week, within 2 days, the bloating has subsided, and RUQ pain lessened.

I will look into the Digestive Enzymes too.

Should add, I have the support of my GP to take Betaine, always best to check with your GP before starting anything, as some supplements can interact with medications.

Please do let us know how you get on with the lecture.


Interesting Natura....had the same problem, bloated tum and tightness blowing up like a balloon (ditto Karen) that goes right under my rib cage. Never heard of enzymes as a treatment and can I ask you what hcl and/or betaine is?


Karen....I agree with u on talking to gp first before taking supplements. I am not on any medication as of yet, so I do my own research and development on myself. If it works, I stick with it. If it doesn't or causes me side effects, I stop. I hope to see a naturopath soon after my rheumatologist appt. I don't want to take medicine if I can help it. Apparently, I am low end lupus and want to keep it there...chrisj....hcl is hydrochloric acid in your stomach that breaks food down. Will let you know what I Learn from enzyme lecture. I wonder we are missing these enzymes naturally in our bodies. Toxins, stress, being born with lupus...very interesting..


Thank you, this is most informative my wife has the same discomfort and bloating , but neither of us have heard of supplementing digestive enzymes . I admire your pragmatic approach to your health.


Adamventure...thanks, but my sister who is a doctor says i am nuts taking my health into my own hands. I got sick and tired of doctors not knowing what was wrong and thinking I was a hypochondriac. I believe the body can cure itself and repair itself. Just have to read a lot. I hear if you have read the same thing in Three sources, it most probably is true. But, I also see the difference when I try it myself. If it does nothing, I stop taking it. If it hurts me, I stop taking it. So far, the enzyme is helping me. Day three. Take daily notes on yourself or your wife and daughter is taking biology this semester and explained to me about enzymes. I asked her why do our enzymes stop working. She said they become denatured, become misshapen by ph and temperature. So interesting. Very hard to balance ph in the body. I have researched ph and almost impossible to balance by food alone. That is why it is so much easier to take medicine. I understand why people do. It's just not my choice.


Karen...I had a gallbladder


It was a sono,

not cat scan...again, this is just something I came up with since I have been having trouble after eating. I know it sounds weird, but I feel God is directing me. I have gone through so many steps to get to where I am today.


How are you doing. Was doing a search & seen your posts. I was surprised to read you had lupus & were able to not on any meds. Are you still not taking meds? How are you feeling?


Sheole...still no meds. Just finished 90 day aniti inflammatory diet. Actually thyroid repair by a functional medicine dr in Illinois. Helped tremendously with inflammation. Breathing was better, pain subdided in my jaw, ears less inflamed. I have been trying to stay on the diet, but cheat here and there. High CO2 in blood still. Breathing bad came back. ( I wonder why the diet worked, and then inflammation is coming back. Possibly the cheating) Less anxiety, my scalp stopped itching.

I have not lessened my stress in life (which is paramount to healing) Still running up to work part time. Cleaning, cooking, laundry, food shopping. I l have more energy for sure, but not happy about my kidneys maybe getting worse (scarred kidneys), and I am still dizzy. I would have to pay more $ for a consult with this doctor. Last time I talked to him, he didnt help me with my Sluggish billiary duct in my gall bladder, which is giving me trouble now. I have fatty cysts on my liver, and I use oils every night on the area as part of the program works with essential oils. Hey, anything helps. Still trying to stay off meds. We'll see.

Food just doesnt go through my body well. I still take digestive enzymes, aloe vera and probiotics to keep things moving. My dad died from peritonitis and a clot after surgery. Plus my mothers mom was the lupus carrier, since my cousin has sjorgens and her daughter celiac. And my mom died at 48 from colitis, liver disease. She never drank.

Sometimes I get so scared about all this. I am trying to stay strong for my daughters. It breaks my heart sometimes. My husband is starting a new job in January finally with health insurance. I may have to start seeing a dr.

Hope you are hanging in there.

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