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I do not have Lupus but have autoimmune hives as well as 3 other autoimmune diseases. I have uffered for 3 years with hiving that is

@200 but after a week of incredible tireness and a somewhat depressed mood quit. I am now trying it again and its been a little over a week and I'm exhausted especially my back. It is a tiredness I have never expereienced before. Is this the drug? It seems each day I feel worse than I was not, although I know it is early in the game... I want to go off.

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Hi there hivey

What drug is it that you're trying, as you don't say in your post what it is?

Do you have a diagnosis for your autoimmune hives? What other autoimmune diseases do you have?

Some of us have multiple autoimmune conditions and it's so difficult knowing which one is csusing symptoms half the time! I have urticarial vasculitis which causes hives, as well as lupus and Sjogren's. They all share similar features but also the treatments are similar.

Take care