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I know it's not long since I posted to say my GP confirmed my bloods were negative and there was nothing more he could do...but I've just been sent a printout of the full results ready to see this Rheumy on Tuesday and was wondering what they would be looking at.

The reason I ask is that amongst the list of things tested, in red letters, it says High and Low next to certain readings, and if everything was negative and normal, then would anything be high and low? I suppose I'm clutching at straws because the referral letter doesn't reflect how the GP treated me, and instead dismisses my symptoms but says I insisted on a referral.

Thanks x

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At least you are seeing a rheumy about this. There are lots of bloods that are inflammatory markers, not just for lupus though. Also many others like ANA s and many more that I either can't spell or don't remember, lol... Seriously though, hopefully your rheumy is a lupus specialist, and will take into consideration your physical examination too. Don't feel intimidated by your gps negative comments. You need to express yourself without the fear of being deemed a nuisance. Understandably any rheumy may take a wait and see approach, before giving you lifelong drugs. They will also give you lots more bloods to have done. Let us know how you get on.


Hi there, like 6161 says the rheumy will make any diagnosis and prescribe meds based upon their assessment and will review your symptoms and should conduct a thorough examination.

What I would suggest is to take a detailed list of things that concern/ail you, even if you think things aren't linked to lupus write them down and tell the rheumy. My diagnosis was confirmed with blood tests but the consultant also considered the symptoms I advised her of and the history I'd given her. For example at the time I'd no idea that a case of glandular fever some 4 years previously was linked and taken into consideration.

All the best and don't let anyone make you feel like a fraud or timewaster, because whether lupus or not something is ailing you.


There is a brief description of some blood tests here:

As the others said, diagnosis is based on bloods and physical exam. Good luck with your appointment. Good for you for insisting on a referral. Maybe it is time to find a new GP? Long beforeI was diagnosed I had symptoms (physical and blood results), which were ignored by my GP.


Hi L,

As stated above blood tests only tell part of the story.

I would recommend reading the enclosed

From bitter experience, dx is difficult, especially if you test negative for ANA. Your experience will rely heavily on the individual doctor. Believe in yourself and keep fighting to gain a better and healthier life, afterall, that's what we all want; we wouldn't put ourselves through this otherwise. Good luck. K.


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