Typs for keeping warm

Hey guys

I find my office unbearably cold especially in my fingers and toes as I get Raynaud's phenomenon but unfortunately gloves are not appropriate for typing.

I have a small heater but it is starting to bother colleagues my who are constantly complaining.

Doe anyone have any tips for staying warm when sitting for long periods of time

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Hi, that sounds like a dilemma. Do you have an occupational health department where you work. Is it possible that they could assess your needs. Is it possible that you could be moved into another room that is warmer? I know it's hard because you probably enjoy the camaraderie of others but perhaps being in a room on your own or with another person that doesn't mind a warmer room. It's a difficult one and I for one am just in total amazement that you are still working and salute you:) Other than that what about the heat pads that you can use for your hands that are ice and you drop them in water and it activates the heat you could use on your hands. My daughter also brought me some square heat pads (from the internet) that can be put in the microwave.....could you take them into work and heat them up in the microwave if needed. If your feet are under the desk then no one will see them. Take your shoes off and put them on top of your feet. Other than this....thermal layers, socks, half mittens (so you can type) can get some quite funky ones. Sorry......I'm all of suggestions. Congratulations on getting your PIP by the way too:) xx


This is a really tough one! Cold offices blighted my last 11 years at work. I had to get a hot water bottle and fingerless mittens, so that I could fold the finger flaps back over when I wasn't typing. I would keep the hot water bottle on my knee and just keep stopping to defrost my fingers on it, but then that's not ideal for Raynaud's anyway is it? Thermal socks and a microwaveable wheat bag for my feet worked a treat.

I know that out there on the internet there exists heated clothing (battery powered), but it's pricey - it's aimed at horse riders and other winter sports people. Occupational Health should definitely be involved, as your employer has a legal duty to ensure that adjustments are made in the work place to ensure your condition is not affected, which includes ensuring you aren't subjected to moaning by colleagues because you are having to start a bonfire to keep warm. Sending you lots of heat waves xx


Dear Whotshernameagain, I too suffer from cold hands and feet, the best recourse I have found is to keep the body core warm and there is only one thing to do this and that is Damart thermals, these are unusual in that they work and come in different levels of heat retention, wear their long johns and thermal socks should sort out the feet, they also do gloves with finger tips missing but made of the same thermolactyl material. They are expensive, but believe me, working out of doors through the Scottish winter, they do work. Best of luck and keep warm!


I vvvvv much feel for you. I had these probs for years before I retired. These are great tips above from our forum members.

All I can add, really, is that there is a grrrreat raynauds (& scleroderma) forum here on health unlocked. Over the years, I've had a lot of good advice on this sort of prob from that forum. And also, the raynauds & scleroderma organisation website itself is great: sells great products & gives tips etc on how to cope

Take care


Im the same but luckly I work with pensioner's so they like it at tropical temperatures, but I still have problems, just keeping warm and staying warm is just a nightmare, but I agree occupational health is a must to contact, im probably very lucky as my boss who has lupus is very understanding, I hope you get sorted soon


Damart vests, socks, longjohns. Wear 2 of everything. Vests are long-sleeved & come in different "strengths" ---- I couldn't survive work if I didn't wear their Arctic- level vests. They last for years, so the price is worth it, and they are incredibly thin so you can wear fashion clothes over them. They wash + dry overnight. I also bought Wrist Warmers from a catalogue, & they warm your fingers. Are there central heating radiators in your office ? Could you have a desk next to a heater ? I feel for you ---- Good Luck.


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