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Has any one got any experience or knowledge of the rhumy consultants at llandudno general hospital?

Ive asked for a referal to Dr. Amend at llandudno for a scond opinion. Im currently under Dr. Lim at wrexham but do not yet have a diagnosis, although she has put me on hydroxychloroquine 2 months ago as she thinks I may have sjogrens but I feel this is only secondary. My syptoms have been getting worst more quickly lately and I fear i will have to give up my part time job completly soon. Id be gratefull for any imfo. or advice. thankyou.x

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Hi timmysmom

Good luck for your second opinion, hope you get the help you need. Hydroxychoroquine can help with a lot of Lupus/ sjogren's symptoms as they can overlap so don't despair .xx


Misty14, is right, the medication would be the same. Hydroxychloroquin can take a while to start working for you, it was 4 months for me to see some change and six before I could name all the benefits. Try and hang in there on the job and you will see a difference.


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