am 26 yrs.married suffering from SLE since 2011..Want to conceive but afraid whether the disease will flare up or my baby will be affected?

Sine 2011 am on Prednisolone, Tacrolimus,HCQS,Folic acid,vitamin suppliments,Metformin tablets..will this affect my pregnancy???Please help me out..All my blood counts are normal..last January I had a pleural effusion..after that no remissions..

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  • If you're looking to conceive it is a good idea to speak with your consultant to plan it out. We have a factsheet about lupus and pregnancy that you can read here -

  • Thanku for the helping hand u have rendered..I delivered a baby girl on feb 3rd 2015..healthy baby with no complications of lupus...I did not have any complications during the pregnancy period or after till now..sugar level have come to normal level..stoped the medicines for diabetes and wysolone also..presently taking tacrolimus,hcqs and folic acid..

  • That's fantastic news. Congratulations. I wish you and your daughter good health and happiness.

  • Thanku so much.. :)

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