How do we know how long our ESA will get paid for?

I was put on this in 2010 and sent to Working Links via the job centre. I know my time with Working Links is up at the beginning of Nov this year but does this mean my ESA will come to an end also? I've had two ATOS Medical assessments, one in Feb '11 and May this year. Just would like an idea of what the future holds!

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  • The benefit department has told me that my esa benefits will end in march 2014. Who knows what will happen then. I have only been on esa for a year after previously been on DLA due to my transplant. I had an ATOS medical earlier this year still waiting for a decision. Hope you don't have to wait too long.

  • Hi Sandwiches! They haven't told me anything at all, I have no idea when my claim ends, what happens after my time with Working Links ends in Nov or anything! I was put on ESA in Oct '10 I think, I can't remember when it was exactly but I have had 2 assessments but had no feedback from them. Thanks for your message, I hope you hear something very soon. I will have to go in to my local Job Centre and ask what happens next I think. All the best to you. :-)

  • Good luck for everything in the future.I hate it when the DWP have our lives in their hands. It's their way of saying we are in charge.

  • Bless you, thanks very much. I wish you all the best too. Yeah, you're right! They do have our lives in their hands, it sucks! But I guess it's only fair when they are in charge of the money that gets paid out... :-)

  • That's true! Let's hope it is sooner than later things are sorted out. Take care.

  • Again, I recommend looking at Benefits and Work website for advice.

  • Thanks Tim47 I will :-)

  • Your local Job Centre Plus should be able to check on their computer when your next assessment is due. You can phone them or call in. You will need to tell them your NI number and answer some security questions.

    When your next assessment is due you will be prompted to re-apply for ESA.

    The longest the computer allows them to give between assessments is 3 years.

    It depends on individual cases how long between assessments.

  • Hi Herb. Thanks for your reply. It's weird because I didn't ever apply for ESA, the Job Centre wrote to me back in 2010 saying they had changed my JSA to ESA as I was very unfit to work. This was around October I think. I had an assessment (ATOS) in Feb 11, then again in May 13, but have never had a notification of outcome of any assessment or idea of how long the ESA will run for, so I am in the dark really. I was sent across to 'Working Links' from Job Centre and my Personal Advisor has told me this expires beginning Nov this year, but I have no idea what happens after this! On paper it says I am in WRAG but I don't see anyone or go to any meetings...all rather weird, would be good to know what happens next!! :-/

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