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Complements c4 and c3? any ideas

Hi all,well today I have been very upset,dx 2 years ago,i changed meds back in feb to a safer one during pregnancy,had to wait 6 mnths to get the all clear from docs to try and conceive,so I go to clinic last Thursday and everything was fine but they wanted to do c4 and c3 tests to check for any lupus activity,they said they would ring Wednesday to let me know,of course they didn't so after calling for 2 days I spoke to a nurse who didn't specialise in lupus,my results were c4 0.06 which is low and c3 0.75 hence the c4 means some disease activity she didn't know about the c3,come home started researching,im so disappointed,i really want a baby of all the times for lupus to flare,im disappointed aswell that the doctor never rang me back,do I need to up meds through this flare? as I have kidney problems I test my own urine so at least im keeping a eye on it,i will keep ringing on Monday,can anyone shed any light until then??? xx

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No light to shed, sorry, but for what it's worth, I was diagnosed at 19 with kidney issues and got pregnant 3 years later.... Was dumb and didn't worry about things till they happened... Lots of hiccups but my beautiful baby girl is now 15 :)

I guess sometimes we just have to jump in to things and worry less.... Easier to do when you are young and stupid. I would be much more careful like you now that I'm older!!!!


hi reinke,thanks for your reply, I wouldn't rush into anything now either at 33,i had a daughter at 18 and although didn't have lupus I suffered frm pre eclampcia so really want and need to be careful this time around just really disappointed at the mo xx


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