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How long will my lupus stay not active?

On 21st August I was told lupus is not active and I started get aches and pains on and off. I had blood in my urine during my appointment and since May this year and it has not stopped. My Rhematologist has refered me to urology to have a look at my kidneys and find out what is causing the blood in urine. I also have kidney stones.

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Maybe it is kidney stones causing blood. Good luck with urology, I have had blood in my urine for so long I forget when it started, and 2 years ago I started with trace protein. Apparently, lucky for me, it doesn't mean anything yet, so just watch and wait. I am pretty sure it means something, just not serious enough to treat with meds that could cause other issues. Can you let us know what urology says please?


I will let u know. I will have to wait till 2 or 3 months to hear from them. My protien was high this time. Then again it could be cos of infection. Maybe kidney stones. They will investigate. I told them I could wait because I am going on holiday middle or end of next month till end of november. Take care xxx


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