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Feeling Off lately

Hi all you many peoples out there. I have been feeling a bit off for about 3 weeks, not terribly sick or in a great deal of pain but just not feeling good. Well, I use the word "good" loosely, since I don't think I remember for sure what that feels like anymore. Usually I get aches and pains, headaches, nausea and tired (I am only on plaquenil), I feel bad for a few days and then I am better for a few days. The last few weeks I have been feeling shakey, jelly legs, sore thighs, fuzzy waves through head, headaches and nausea. It sort of feels like when your blood sugar is to low. I have checked blood sugar and it is fine. So this has been like everyday and I am not sure if I should go to doctor or if this is just to be expected and will pass - maybe tomorrow. I am not rashing, just flushing all day instead of more in the evenings. Thanks for any help.

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Morning, please go and see your Gp, that's what they are there for, if nothing else it will help you to stop worrying.

Please let us know how you get on


hi im just in the process of being diagnosed

got the ana anti nuclear bodies along with a myriad of other smptoms

i have days where i feel low sugar i eat everthing in sight to try and get rid of the feeling s bit it doesnt help

i think its you brains way of saying hey were not right these days .

i get symtoms same as you bit rarely get a headache i feel fuzzy brain dead cant think do silly things like forgetting im cooking or cook two meals one in the oven and one on the hob or jusy forget it all and burn it all . i ache from head to toe which get worse as the day goes on to the point im on my hands and knees as its to painful to stand up and the word stiff does cover it im ridgid by night time

if this is lupus well its a roller coaster . when it subsides i feel reasonably normal thinking what ws all that about ??

hope this makes you feel your not alone in your lupus

kind regrds caroline

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Wow you have put this so well Caroline.. sometimes it is hard to sum up. I too have stages when I think I'm ok, paticularly mid morning/early afternoon......then late afternoon the fatigue, stiffness aches and pains seem to come back from nowhere so it makes you doubt yourself at times.

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glad my symtoms are similar i think sometimes im going nuts like today was at the dss and just the stress set me off on a flushed on fire face and feel shaky and dizzy not to mention getting in and out car so pain inducing -- its a weird one limpus lupus is a term that should be coined it makes you feel like 90 i wonder if cortisol levels that change naturally during the have anything to do with how it waxes and wanes must try research it


Thank you daisyd, and Caroline you are right about the change from day to day. I try to explain it to my daughters as "like labour pains", you are in bad pain and wonder if you can stand it, and then it is gone, like magic. Of course labour pain is intense in the next minute again but generally short lived. Lupus can have you feeling awful for days and then you are fine, like it never happened. I am feeling much better today. I think this is when we either doubt ourselves as in, "Oh it was just a bug, I am fine, I don't have Lupus!", or we except that this is our life now and enjoy the good days. Take care.


Hi Chapter, you are spot on.. Even after a flare up when it's gone and I have a few hours each day of feeling ok then I think Oh maybe I haven't got this.......I have but it's a funny old condition. I hope you get the help you need via your GP.


I have been feeling very similar. I have been flaring for 3 weeks. I constantly feel as if my blood sugar is low but eating doesn't help. I'm considering going to the doctor but just think that there's nothing they can do.

Resting isn't easing the pain or fatigue.

Hope you feel better soon x


That is right, that is why I asked if this was normal. I don't want to go to doctor just to be told that there is nothing going on except Lupus. But when you are feeling rough you (I) worry that you should be doing something about it. Well, like I said, I am feeling more normal today so hope it continues for a few days anyway. We know it is not blood sugar, did you test? So don't eat to much,


Have you checked your blood pressure? Sounds like low BP to me.


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