problem with the site or is it something im doing?

Hi I have tried to read replies to the questions I have asked recently and everytime I click it says there is an error. I tried clicking another question someone posted and again it said error page removed. Is anyone else experiencing a problem or do you need to change settings on your pc? not very good with pcs lol

Thanks and apologises this is not a health question!

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Must be something I am doing as can read the answer when I click question its just on the news feed thing. Sorry x


I'm experiencing the same issue, each time I try to open it tells me that it is a page error.


Same here. I have also lost access to all of my old comments on threads I had participated in and am no longer getting any email notifications.

I think there is still a bit of work to do


We will have this situation sorted in the next few hours! Please sit tight - we appreciate your patience very much


I am also not getting any e mail notifications. I had to go through facebook to access this site.


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