Outpatient face to face being replaced by telephone consultation

I have had a bit of a shock, my next scheduled Rhuematology appointment has been replaced with a telephone consultation. Anyone else have this happen. I am assuming this is to take the weight off the consultants? I was totally unprepared for this, more so given my GP recently requested I was seen sooner than my scheduled appointment due to complications of my SLE. Now I am being irrational in thinking the department are fed up with my GP's request, and ultimately me.

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ive had this with my dermy and i preferred it actually , ur not sitting weighting in the hospital or stressing to park and then sitting in the uncomfortable chairs and ur not worrying if your going to catch anything off ppl annnnd the biggest is ur not judged on how u look, i find it better for me but each indiviual is diffrent hope u get on ok

karen x


I agree with kittykat: phone appts can be even better sometimes (I have them with our specialist lupus nurse & my gp)

But there are times you really need to be seen & examined. I wonder how thry'd ll decide it's one of those times?!

Hope it goes well....take care


Absolutely do not take this personally, as it seems you might be doing.

Maybe its to save costs but really there could be benefit to you as well.

I am concerned that should be testing urine if you have lupus. When do you get urine tested?

As the others say when do they actually decide when to see you in person. Maybe look at joints, check skin for rash, check bloods and blood pressure?

If in flare, perhaps every 3 or 4 months? If in remission, every 6 or 12 months?


I have telephone appointments sometimes as it seems that they can get through a high volume of patients as they don't need to use an actual clinic room and carry out the clinic from an office so another doctor can be doing another clinic at the same time. Also if you have a lot of pain or mobility problems it is so much easier to have a doctor's consultation at home and if you have had any questions since your last visit write them down and put them by the phone so you can see them, you can't forget to take them with you that way. Also some people suffer white coat syndrome and get very nervous about going to hospital so it is easier for them so it seems that clinics now rotate which ones are done on a telephone appointment so you don't have to go each time. It saves on the fares too if you have to go a long way. :-)

I hope the appointment goes well anyway

Madmagz x


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