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Lupus Lungs?

After having yet more spirometry tests my new GP has referred me once again to a lung specialist. Last time in my old area i was not even asked back to discuss any findings, so was surprised that he wanted to start again from scratch. Looking at the symptoms i had previously and how it has affected me he thinks i have fibrosis caused by the lupus. Has anyone else suffered with this and what is the treatment for it?

Thanks Cazzbat

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Can I ask if you smoke please don't bite my head off but I was having trouble with my breathing it was put down to lupus involvement the 3 years ago after a spirometry test I was diagnosed with copd. My rheumy asked if I smoked I said yes but he never did a spirometry test. I change rheumys straight away when i was diagnosed with the copd I know smoking was bad for you and always planed on giving them up but I didn't now not only have lupus I have copd to contend with.


Hi. No i don't smoke but its the first question that everyone asks.


Hi there, it's slightly different but my main lupus symptom is pleuritic pain which I've had constantly for 3 and a half years now. I don't smoke, I used to but gave up long before lupus. I've had lots of chest scans and x rays and lung function tests, exercise tests etc etc etc. I spent nearly a full day at Leeds hospital doing spirometry, exercise etc and unfortunately didn't get far. I guess as with all lupus symptoms its a case of using immune suppression to keep things in check and then treating the symptoms with pain meds etc. I really hope you manage to get it sorted but I guess my reason for posting was to say that even if they can't do anything directly hopefully you can be given pain relief and learn to live with things and it'll get easier with time. Take care and good luck xx


I really don't think the last specialist went far enough with the tests, but im glad this GP seems more thorough. Thank you for your good wishes. Take care x


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