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Positive ANA, negative ENA?

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Hi all!.Within the past year I've been experiencing fatigue, burning muscle and joint aches, skin rashes, hives, hair loss, weight loss, easy bruising, dry mouth, dry eyes, swollen glands etc

I recently had an ANA test which came back positive at 1:320 titre with homogenous and speckled pattern. My ENA assay was negative however. I am wondering if ENA needs to be positive in order for the possibility of Lupus to be considered? Or are other factors also considered? Since I am symptomatic (badly) and have other autoimmune history (IBD)... I want to be assessed with full fairness at my upcoming Rheumatology appointment.

Oh and my Mean Platelet Volume was slightly low!

I would love your thoughts/ advice on possible further tests/steps and the diagnostic criteria and process in general.

Thanks people!


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Hi Rose. I am not at my laptop until later. I will reply then.Quick answer: all blood tests can be “normal” & you can have SLE. Similarly, there are healthy adults with a positive ANA. There are lupus variant conditions too.

You need a SLE specialist. Not all rheumatologists treat or even see lupus patients!

Be well!


thanks Ros! I'll definitely look into a Lupus specialist!

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Welcome to LUpus Patients Understanding & Support (LUPUS) at HealthUnlocked, Rose.

We also have another website called the LuPUS Message Board where you can also post questions and talk to other people. Registration is FREE and we offer free information and free online psychological support. We specialise in psychological support with our own counsellor/psychotherapist available.

By becoming a Member, you will have access to the private forums and because they are private, only Members have access and even bots and search engines are forbidden.

Please use the following to complete the Date of Birth entry: nn-nn-nnnn where n=number. Thus, if your birthday is 5th May 1968, enter: 05-05-1968. Use the “-“ separator and not the “/“.

I know this is a pain but it's to stop spammers etc! Any problem, let me know.

You might find this article useful:

St Thomas' Hospital's "Alternative Criteria" by Dr Graham RV Hughes - THE expert on SLE!


With good wishes!


Disclaimer: No attempt is made to diagnose or to make any medical judgement. You are advised to seek the advice from your own physician. LUpus Patients Understanding & Support (LUPUS) is not a substitute for your own doctor.

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