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Positive ANA and anti-DNA


Hi everyone, I’m new here. I just had a question I was hoping someone might be able to answer. My blood work came out positive for ANA with elevated anti-DNA and Immunoglobulin M. Does this mean I have lupus? What if I am showing few other symptoms and all the other blood work was fine? Thanks so much! I don’t see the rheumatologist until February.

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Welcome to LUpus Patients Understanding & Support (LUPUS) at HealthUnlocked!

This is a very difficult question to answer because there isn't a single blood test to

diagnose SLE or systemic lupus erythematosus. I am sure there are other parts to your blood tests for ANA & although most people have a positive ANA (dependent on the pattern), some perfectly healthy people also have a positive ANA! This is why a diagnosis of SLE can take a long time.

The most important part of your diagnosis will be having a rheumatologist who is expert in SLE; not all are & some have never treated patients with lupus. We are talking about SLE & not skin lupus or the confusing lupus anticoagulant antibody blood test, which is NOT a test for SLE, but a complicated anticoagulant blood test for the antiphospholipid antibody (Hughes) syndrome or APS.

My advice would be to write down ALL your illnesses since childhood, no matter how unrelated they appear to be, including anxiety, depression etc

Keep a diary of symptoms to which you can refer. Certainly, if you have symptoms, they can be treated, but don't be disappointed if you don't get an immediate diagnosis. Many people report that it has taken years. The worst scenario is to be given a wrong diagnosis.

You may find this article very helpful. It is written by Dr Graham RV Hughes, who was the Consultant at St Thomas' Hospital, London and one of the world's foremost experts in SLE:


We also have another website called the LuPUS Message Board where you can also post questions and talk to other people. Registration is FREE and we offer free information and free online psychological support. We specialise in psychological support with our own counsellor/psychotherapist available.

By becoming a Member, you will have access to the private forums and because they are private, only Members have access and even bots and search engines are forbidden.

Please use the following to complete the Date of Birth entry: nn-nn-nnnn where n=number. Thus, if your birthday is 5th May 1968, enter: 05-05-1968. Use the “-“ separator and not the “/“.

Please go to: lupus-support.org/ and Sign Up.

I look forward to talking with you more!

Sometimes we need to talk to people who understand and who are not family or friends.

With good wishes!


Disclaimer: No attempt is made to diagnose or to make any medical judgement. You are advised to seek the advice from your own physician. LUpus Patients Understanding & Support (LUPUS) is not a substitute for your own doctor.

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