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LUpus Patients Understanding and Support
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Lupus Diet

Hi guys, i was recently diagnosed with lupus and i am constantly having a flare. Am i eating the wrong stuff? What are some of the do's and don'ts for lupus patients?

I am currently on prednisone and my doctor is deciding to start me on hydroxychloroquine. What are some of the side effects of this drug? I am planning to have kids. Will this drug be safe?

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Welcome to LUpus Patients Understanding & Support (LUPUS) at HealthUnlocked!

It is important that you eat properly - as everyone! There are some people who are sensitive to certain foods: if that is the case with you, avoid them! If you are uncertain what is a healthy diet, I am sure your GP's surgery can help you talk to a nutritionist.

Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil), is a central drug in SLE. It has many benefits which include, helping fatigue. It is also a mild blood thinning agent. It is an antimalarial, but should not be used to protect from malaria. For that, you would need to be prescribed an antimalarial, for visiting certain countries.

Before you start the drug, please visit an ophthalmologist, a medical doctor who specialises in the eyes, not an optician. You should also see the ophthalmologist annual for a check-up. For long term use, it could cause eye toxicity, but I have been taking it for 20 years! Please don't become unnecessarily alarmed. As long as you see the ophthalmologist annually, you will be OK.

In some patients, if they start at x2 a day (ie 400mgs), the muscle of the eye can lead to a blurring which stops immediately, when Plaquenil is stopped. It is recommended to start with 1 tablet (200mgs) a day.

Plaquenil is a safe and effective medication for SLE. Please don't exaggerated the warnings because thousands of people take hydroxychloroquine. You may find that under the NS, it will not be Plaquenil, but a generic drug.

If you ave any concerns, speak with your doctor. Hydroxychloroquine will not be effective immediately, it can take 6+weeks or more!

We also have another website called the LuPUS Message Board where you can also post questions and talk to other people. Registration is FREE and we offer free information and free online psychological support. We specialise in psychological support with our own counsellor/psychotherapist available.

By becoming a Member, you will have access to the private forums and because they are private, only Members have access and even bots and search engines are forbidden.

Please use the following to complete the Date of Birth entry: nn-nn-nnnn where n=number. Thus, if your birthday is 5th May 1968, enter: 05-05-1968. Use the “-“ separator and not the “/“.

Finally, please go to: lupus-support.org/ and Sign Up.

I look forward to talking with you more!

Sometimes we need to talk to people who understand and who are not family or friends.

With good wishes!


Disclaimer: No attempt is made to diagnose or to make any medical judgement. You are advised to seek the advice from your own physician. LUpus Patients Understanding & Support (LUPUS) is not a substitute for your own doctor.


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