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Professor Graham RV Hughes


Prof. Graham Hughes, founder and editor of the international journal, Lupus and Head of the London Lupus Centre, delivers an intriguing talk detailing two diseases: Lupus and Hughes Syndrome (antiphospholipid syndrome, APS).

‘So doctor, do you have any patients with hair loss, fatigue, rashes, recurrent Glandular Fever and/or M.E? These are all symptoms of Lupus’

"The traditional view of Lupus is the butterfly rash in young women, but we actually see 400 Lupus and Antiphospholipid patients in our clinic per month, and it is unusual to have a butterfly rash" (Prof Graham Hughes)

Prof. Hughes presents us with snapshots of different patients diagnosed with Lupus. One suffering from joint pains, the other in a wheelchair, another with ITP and another suffering psychiatric illness. Regarding a diagnosis for Lupus, there are many symptoms to look out for, in which Prof.Hughes terms the ‘alternative’ criteria.