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How to be Diagnosed

I'm 99% sure I have lupus but have no idea how to get diagnosed (and have no health insurance).

I've had blood work done over the last 6 years and the results show a infection and inflammation of the organs (The C Reactive protein normal range is 0-4.9. Mine is 28.2)

2-3 times a year I have flare ups that show like an extreme case of the flu and knock me down for a week. Antibiotics do nothing. Steroids do nothing.

The only thing that has helped is building my immune system using blood/urine/GI/hair/hormone tests to customize a regiment of vitamins/minerals/supplements for my body (which a certified nutritionist did).

The local hospital system in town sent me to the infectious disease department who in turn rejected me. I am SO tired of dealing with people who won't take me seriously. I look fine most of the time. I can work out (did CrossFit for 2 years), work an office job, and look completely normal. But then I crash really hard really fast and it takes months to get my strength back.

Recently when I get out of bed my body aches. Like I just workout. But I haven't done a workout since this summer. My ankles and knees hurt. If I sit at work for more then 30 minutes I'm stiff and sore.

Does this sound familiar? Any suggestions? I know this is an autoimmune thing. I just don't know how to get it diagnosed and treated.

Thank you!

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If you are in the UK, I would recommend a referral to Dr David D'Cruz at the Lupus Clinic, St Thomas' Hospital, London.

A high CRP usually means an infection, which is probably why you were referred to infectious diseases.

What about the ESR - is that also high!

A high ESR & low CRP usually means inflammation. A High ESR & CRP usually means an infection. However, this is not cast in stone.

Diagnosis of SLE requires a specialist in SLE and notall rheumatologists are expert; some have never treated a patient with lupus.

Diagnosis is done on a clinical basis.

I know you have Registered with LUpus Patients Understanding & Support (LUPUS). There is an article you may find helpful:

You can post a message and we can talk there.

With good wishes,



I know it is very hard because I was trying to get disability with my daughter when she went on kidney machine that's when they gave her disability but keep trying you would get it


This must be very hard for you to witness your daughter suffering from kidney disease.


I'm kind of similar. My hip joints get really painful if I sit for to long. What I have found is yoga. If I do yoga for about 30 minutes twice a week, everything seems to work fine. If I don't, my hips let me know.

Hope this helps.

I like a more natural approach. No drugs.


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