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rheumatologist from hell

I recently visited the world's worst rheumatologist. He ignored all my symptoms and simply waisted my time. He actually said "as you merely don't want painkillers then you obviously have a low to no pain threshold for any pain " WHAT AN #@$/^^'$. I am deadly allergic to any painkillers. Then not only said I had simply cold knees and need to just rub them. I now have to use an electric wheelchair to get about as my joints just give way and I'm in permanent agony. Then topped himself by giving me a prescription for meds that clearly say not to be taken by a female let alone one with heart problems. That man was deadly dangerous let alone the fact I was in agony after the so called appointment and have photos of the hand marks and finger prints on my knees and hands/wrists. Bruised badly and was in agony for days. That man should be struck off.

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I'm sorry you went through this, not all doctors are as good as they should be. I've had a few that have been very dismissive with me over the years. I now pay privately to see someone at the lupus centre in London and he's brilliant. It sounds like you've had an awful experience, do you have to see him again? X


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