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I feel like a ticking time bomb with a flare-up it's terrible

I have to watch the way I talk to people I don't want to come off snippy I'm just in pain. I try to keep my life drama free Eben tho is more of a damn reality TV show that would probably do really good. I have a wedding in 4 weeks and a raging EX bridesmaid that's made it her life mission to try and destroy my life. She happens to be my brother bitch wife and all their kids had to be replaced in the wedding. I will probably member see my nephew again. Perplexing him when I know how important it was for him hurt me how could it not. I am very close to my brother and for some reason she hates me his wife. I'm well was nice to her she's always been a shit starter and always fighting with someone. But how she's literally is trying to ruin my wedding it's been 3 weeks I've blocked this bitch of social media that I could see and she still is relentless nectar she Fuente ruin it by typing her kids out. She needs to go to a psychotic ward. SMH WHAT THE HELL ..Like am I going to have to beat her ass she wants to come to my wedding crash and detroy!There is obviously something wrong with her .because I'm wishing a bitch would give me a reason to let out some of this anger!

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Perhaps you could speak to your brother and ask for his help in resolving this unpleasant situation. As I said, this stress is harmful to you.

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I did I even have all of the things she was saying saved. He refuses to even look. I gave up he said he didn't want to see me. I know I did nothing to his wife and she was attacking me social media bullying me t with her friends. So if he's not gong to man up them I have to just avoid them loss my niece and nephew and move on. It's sad it bothers me but I can't change the BS she put in his head. I can't control people anymore then I can the weather. He made his mind up about it.


Sadly, you are right. You cannot force people to make peace. The point is: you tried todo the right thing.

Now, you have to put yourself first and be happy for your marriage to the man you love and he loves you unconditionally.

With good wishes,


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