Cold Sweats and flushing! Symptoms of Fever but No Fever! So uncomfortable! Anyone experience this???

I have a strange question and wonder if anyone else has experienced this symptom. I have always had a very low immune system but I can be seriously ill and NOT run a fever like normal people do. I rarely run a fever. Maybe once a year if that! But as a child I ran 104+ every two weeks or so. As I got older, I of course became sicker with lupus, heart valve disease, fibro, lung disease, hashimotos, anemia, know..on goes the list..So here is the question....When I get an infection now, I develop these horrific cold sweats rather than a fever. I'm freezing cold but can not cover up because it makes the sweating worse. My skin and face turns beet red and it will last for hours or days until I get on an antibiotic. And the pain in my joints and muscles are at their worst!! If I take Tylenol or Ibuprofen, I will sweat terribly within 30 minutes just as if I was coming down from a fever. My body temp at those times are usually 94 degrees!! It is by far one of the most uncomfortable symptoms I have next to chronic pain!

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  • People with lupus are known to have a "low grade" temperature during a flare. It is possible to feel ill without a high temperature. In fact, if one's temperature exceeds 100 degrees F which is not controlled by paracetamol, it is advisable to contact your doctor when one's immune system is compromised. It is also possible to have a low temperature.

    This sweating is thoroughly unpleasant and there are many causes. I recommend you discuss this with your doctor.

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  • Thank you Ros! I went back to the doctor today and had some bloodwork done and found out that my liver enzymes are high again. For some reason they keep going high and then dropping back down. This time my AST was 277 and my ALT is 288. Neither my PCP or my Rheumatologist know exactly what is causing these horrific symptoms! It's embarrassing when I go some where in public as people look at me with such concern on their faces. They look at me like they are afraid I'm going to drop dead because my face, neck, chest and arms are beet red! During the daytime the cold sweats are non-stop, then at night time I'm so unbelievably cold that I am miserable and can not get warmed up for nothing! Not even my heating blanket can warm me up. I have noticed that when I take Benadryl during these attacks, that the sweating stops but my muscles ache miserably! Having Lupus is like trying to put together a never ending puzzle. There are too many pieces to the puzzle! :(

  • I certainly understand the frozen feeling as if there is a block of ice inside of me. I also know of the cold sweats. However, I am fortunate that I do not have a problem with liver enzymes.

    Lupus is called "The Disease of 1000 Faces" because it can mimic every other disease. My consultant also noted that unless a doctor is actively looking for lupus, it can be missed. This points to how poorly medical students and junior doctors are taught. This is partly because not all rheumatologists are expert in lupus; some have never treated a patient with lupus.

    Benadryl = Diphenhydramine is a first-generation antihistamine possessing anticholinergic, antitussive, antiemetic, and sedative properties that is mainly used to treat allergies.

    I do wish you well!

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  • hi i have the same symtoms ive just spent the last 4 weeks in hospitial where they poked and prodded me to try and find out why i got the shivers  cold sweats i found i was feeling dizzy just before my temp was on avarege 97-98

  • I am so very sorry to read how unwell you have been. Did your doctors come to any conclusions?

    How are you now?

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  • not back to work yet still having the cold shivers and alot of pains been nearly 2mths ive been off work . 

    i have an appointment with consultant this week maybe i can get more answers 

  • Have you looked into cholinergic urticaria?

  • You may find the following helpful:

    I hope your consultation goes well. Perhaps you might like to post again?

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