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Scared about Friday


My Dad was dx with nslc stage 3b last February. He began intense radio and chemo April 2012 and finished this June 2012. His first ct scan results in Sep 2012 showed the tumour had shrunk to 20% of what it was. He had his 2nd ct results in January and this showed the tumour had shrunk slightly again. He receives results of his 3rd ct scan on Friday and I am so scared.

It is very unlikely the tumour has shrunk anymore, and so it will still be there meaning it could have possibly grown? What other possible results could he receive? He has been coughing more lately and though not as bad as before being diagnosed it still scares me that it could mean something not good?

He is otherwise ok I think, still working full time and carrying on life just as before, he puts on a brave face and certainly does not show his worry. But I am petrified I dont know what to expect. I hate it when Lung cancer is on tv and they say it is the biggest killer and most people dont live for long after diagnosis. I know many people surpass this but it doesnt help when odds are stacked against you.

Sorry for blabbing on I am just scared and dont want to relay my fears to my family :(((

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My mum (age 58 with stage 3b) has her 3rd scan next Weds so I know how you feel but just focus on positives things like he is still working full time & it has shrunk!

I have been told the cough is side effect that can come & go for months/years after treatment. I like to think when my mums cough gets bad its because a bit of the tumour has broken off & is shrinking in size so irritating the lung.

Make sure you all go out on Friday to celebrate & let him know how proud you all are & how amazing he has done! :)



Hi Knic

My mum was diagnosed with inoperable cancer in August last year. She had 4 sessions of chemo and then had a scan which unfortunately showed that the tumour hadnt changed (neither shrunk nor grown). She had a repeat scan in January and in February when we saw the consultant he told us the fantastic news that her tumour is "asleep" so she's in remission. This news was not what we expected to hear as like your dad her cough had returned worse than ever, the consultant said it's the fluid in her lungs which are making her cough but because the tumour is "asleep" they dont want to drain it incase they disturb the cancer. This goes to show that although symptoms may have changed it sometimes isnt to do with the cancer. Mum goes back in June and hopefully things will just be the same again.

I understand your fear but stay positive. I hope you get good news like me and my family did.

Best wishes

Deb xx


i know how you feel my husband has just had his ct after 4 sessions of chemo he was diagnosed with inoperable cancer in dec 2012 the scan showed that the tumour had not changed in size , just got to go back to the hospital in three months , good news in one way but i feel that we just been left with out any more hope? no more treatment offered.


Thank you for your replies. I am sorry you all find yourselves here :( well tomorrow is Friday and I am scared and emotional started crying in John Lewis today

while our shopping for my Daughters Birthday which is also tomorrow.

What does it mean if the Tumour is asleep Deb?

Does the ct scan scan all the body or just the lungs?

Thank you again for your replies xxx


Hi Knic,

Best wishes to your daughter for a happy birthday today :-)

I just wanted to send you a heap load of positive vibes for today's news of your Dad's scan results xx


Sending you and your dad lots of prayers and positivity today! You all deserve great scan results! Stay strong and believe. Happy birthday to your daughter. I hope great news is a gift for her x


Not good news :( the original tumour has not grown but a lymph not has and there is also anothe 1cm cancerous spot showing on the scan. The oncologist offered 3 options

Watch and wait, tablet chemo or line chemo. Due to the side affects my dad has chose watch and wait. The oncologist has said this is ok and to go back sooner then 3 months if my dad gets bad. He is fine at the moment has a cough and a cold but not stopping him working or socialising. I just don't know what this means I don't want to lose my daddy


I'm so sorry that you didn't get great news. We get my mums 3rd post radiation results this week so I understand your fear and upset. Stay focused on the good news - the original tumour hasn't grown! And most important of all, your dad is well! He is living life, working and socialising. That is the most important result. This new spot and the lymph node may be very slow growing and the watch and wait approach will keep an eye on this. If this is any change at the next appt, then your dad can look at further treatment. The new tablet treatments are showing great results in lots of cases. I know how incredibly scary it is. But don't lose hope. I've read of so many people with stage 4 lc that are reaching remission and living full lives years after. Sending positivity and prayers to you all x


Thank you for your reply. I also posted on another site and they are concerned my dad hasn't been offered a pet scan. I don't live in the same county as my dad and I can't push him to push the onc for it. What would be the point of it?


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