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Top tips from patients and carers

Hi again

One of the things we'd like to feature in the new patient magazine are top tips from people affected by lung cancer and their carers.

For example, one person who attended the Roy Castle conference in Manchester said that there are some wellies you can get that can be easily remove by treading on their heel. This was a great benefit because they struggled to bend over to remove normal boots.

It's tips like this, which make life easier for people affected by lung cancer and their carers, that we'd love to hear about.

Please post here or email me at if you have any you'd like to share.

Thanks, Mark

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A member of our group got a sock horn to help put on his socks and another who also had difficulty bending got a grabber to pick up things from the floor or were difficult to reach,


Thanks, Robert. Perfect. Exactly the kind of thing I'm after.


Disabled aids, hope this helps,

Some of this is available from the NHS or your local councils social dept.


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