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Dying From ASBESTOS And Having To Prove It


Given internet age ONE question comes to mind HOW can switzerland 🇨🇭 with a population of 9 million nearly have same number of asbestos related deaths as UK 🇬🇧 with a population of 55 / 62 million.

Clearly something not adding up and there must be lot of asbestos mesothelioma under reporting going on within 🇬🇧 Uk.

So I took a look at gold standard when it comes to any ASBESTOS diease illness condition AND is gold standard well in my opinion with lots coverd SUCH as looking for asbestos bodies in tumour cancer formation.

Like really I never knew that’s one of the ways you DX mesothelioma.

Helskiki Asbestos Asbestosis Mesothelioma Lung Cancer Diagnosing Criteria


So then I looked into sharlaton’s THESE doctors given my own experiences with Alzheimer’s Dementia and Asbestos Mesothelioma diagnosing AND given material have read you would have to be occupation mentally savvy IF you did not want your asbestos related mesothelioma being put down to lung cancer from smoking or something else apart from ASBESTOS.

I can feel a FOI request coming on re lung cancer biopsy and asbestos bodies found ?

Guess Christie’s NHS would love that.

So we have chronic inflammation then tumour formation round ASBESTOS fibres ... so question is levals Of exposure can’t have anything to do with cancer or mesothelioma IT must be 101% cariogenic.

I think medical intelligence is spot on BUT medical reporting WELL people are being fed a lie when it comes to there lung cancers being result of something OTHER than asbestos mesothelioma.

Mis reporting issues I think are far wide in 🇬🇧 ALSO those like my dad with deficits in memory I.e Alzheimer’s Dementia are scape goats 🐐 make lt possable.

But there is one way OF getting to the truth AND that’s asking you oncologist when they did my biopsy did you see any asbestos bodies.

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Re Switzerland, very interesting statistic. And thanks for sharing link. I had no idea that asbestos exposure is still so common.

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Is as commen as not being diagnosed.

Was reading about women who worked at turners 40 years she had to retire at 57 ill health then sadly she died 20 plus years later.

She died of pneumonia asbestosis BUT that was only discorved she had asbestosis at coroners inquest.

So in 20 plus years she had never had xray OR even been asked about her work history.

Is disgrace and thats doctors asbestos reporting for us

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Very sad and very wrong.

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Defo agree is very sad but am feeling is very commen really.

Too many injustices really MAKEs me wonder who is runinng country turners asbestos or our elected goverment.

Or is it unelected cooperation's

As things are not run in publics intrest or wellbeing.

I just hope people reading my post might just ask the oncolagest about asbestos in biopsy.

Makes sense.

Thanks for an interesting post. Exposure to asbestos has a long 'lead in' time for mesothelioma to develop which could be why UK number maybe lower as many patients do not present until advanced. Also UK uses Chest x-ray rather than Low dose CT as its first lung diagnostic tool unlike other countries. UK has had an increase in women with mesothelioma - initially washing clothes of workers exposed to asbestos but more recently, many said they're unaware they were exposed to asbestos. Belief that it coincides in the increase of women returning to work - sometimes in basement offices, schools where asbestos more widely used but the increase/prevalence of mesothelioma has not yet reached its UK peak. The other issue is that many people die of other causes (i.e. WITH their cancer) not FROM their cancer (typical with prostrate cancer) and the UK does seem to have a higher incidence of co-morbidities/long term conditions than other European countries.

However in 1997 when this paper was published, less was known about lung cancer due to lack of research and shortage of funding due to belief it was self inflicted. Recent investigations have shown there may be other factors to developing lung cancer with genetic abnormalities being investigated further. The evidence for smoking - smoking and secondhand smoke are evidenced so the search continues for other contributors. The harms caused by smoking have been known since the mid 1960s but the specifics of the tumour burden contributed to in several cancers (not just lung) can be assigned to smoking causes. What is just as important is to understand through research and evidence why not all smokers develop lung cancer and many exposed to asbestos do not develop mesothelioma.It isn't a single exposure that causes cancer rather a whole sequence of events that create the conditions for its development.

Many of us have grown up with allergies due to something in our own immune system that prompts this response so we need to understand that tumours/mesothelioma do not develop in isolation, it may be complicated by our own body's response to such triggers. Technological developments are enabling more tumour sequencing to understand the precise mutational breakdown which hopefully will lead to better treatments. In the meantime, many countries are exploring issues such as poor air quality and industrial exposure from a wide range of industries (not UK yet) so I'd encourage all to mention industrial exposure whether asked about it nor not. It may be unrelated but it could give clues to your clinicians especially in the case of those who have never smoked.

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Hi thanks for reply issues coverd DEFO agree about trigger.

As soon as my dad went on throid pills he was due to get cancer WHAT sort well I never knew BUT mesothelioma was quite a shock.

Is one thing thinking reading things and it happing.

I regularly look at my dad’s blood skin under microscope 🔬 and he’s blood cells are nothing like mine ALSO the structure of he’s skin as changed AND he suffers from fungus ALL stuff that never happend befour cancer dx.

I think he’s DNA is braking down how why WELL I don’t know but wish I did.

My final drive guess is how disappointed I was when hospital took blood and it turned black jelly like as soon as left is arm.

Sickening really


Hi Jeff,

I have attached a couple of links which may be of interest.



Kind regards,

All the team at the Roy Castle Helpline

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