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Doctors barred from using new cancer treatment equipment

Doctors barred from using new cancer treatment equipment

NHS bosses argue that a hospital's unused new £3m Cyberknife technology may not work.

If the government is serious about it’s NHS changes and money saving nurse reductions. Then surely the managerial incompetents who authorized this fiasco, should also be reduced.

In the new NHS there must be equality with reductions and dismissals across the board, including and prioritizing, bullying unaccountable medically untrained business targeting management. .

How CyberKnife works

CyberKnife is the very latest in radiotherapy technology. The Royal Marsden is one of the first London NHS trusts to install it.

The CyberKnife has X-ray cameras that monitor the position of the tumour and sensors that monitor the patient's breathing. This enables the robot to reposition the radiotherapy beam during treatment in order to minimise damage to healthy tissue. CyberKnife moves with the patient's breathing and can track a moving tumour.


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