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Hi all, new to this, so please bear with me,I'd like to know if anyone has info on a drug called Naltrexone in the treatment of lung cancer

Hi all, new to this type of thing, so please bear with me, but I'd like to know if anyone has any info on a drug called Naltrexone in the treatment of lung cancer? Also, are there any benefits in using super high doses of vitamin D for someone with lung cancer? any advice would be useful, thanks.

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Hi Pjlady

Welcome to this excellent site. :)

Sorry I can't personally help with this, but if anyone else can, they'll certainly be in touch. Failing that - better still - including that, speak with the Cancer Nurse specialist, who frequently have the best answers and advice; or with Roy Castle or Macmillan staff, who are equally excellent.

Best wishes, Bill


Hello Bill

Thank you for the welcome, and for your thoughts and advice, I shall indeed speak with the Macmillan nurse, but thought I would ask the questions here first. I have been looking at this site for some while, and have come to realise that the people here have a vast collective knowledge on the subject of Lung cancer, and are very supportive to all who ask questions.

Kind Regards, Pjlady



Yes I know about it LDN - Low Dose Naltrexone. It's not actually licenced to treat Lung Cancer but some people have benefited from it when all else has failed. You can't get it on the NHS, you have to pay privately, It isn't expensive though about £15 per month.

Here is a link for more info:

There is a lady Doctor in Scotland who will give a telephone consultation and then write a prescription (I have lost the details though).

There are benefits of vitamin D for lung cancer patients, super high??? Not sure, you should check that one out with your lung cancer Nurse.

Hope that helps

lyn x


Hi Lyn,

Thanks for your comments and the link, I will have a good read, all info is appreciated, as I said to Bill in last post, of course I will check with cancer nurses before taking any further action, but if anyone knows anything about these two subjects, I would be happy to hear from them.

Kind Regards, Pjlady


Hi pjlady,

Welcome to here,sorry about your circumstances for visiting us,Naltrexone?sorry but that one just flies over my head,I have'nt heard of it before,would be interested in hearing more about it though.Vitamin D? I was aware people who live in Northern Latitudes were possibly not being exposed to enough sunshine hours to generate sufficient Vitamin D to keep their bodies healthy.Well although I live in Scotland which is not famed as a sunny hotspot,I thought I was getting sufficient sun exposure during the summer months,so I was'nt really concerned about Vitamin D deficiency,however last year I was sitting watching the TV and a news item appeared about a Scottish Doctor claiming that taking Vitamin D regularly in his experience prevented the return of lung cancer in patients,apparently he had amassed plenty of evidence to back up that claim.I have'nt heard anything further about this claim,but at the time I decided to take a daily Vitamin D supplement in my diet,well what the heck, maybe the guy is right? not forgetting the Northern Latitude point also.I did'nt get from the TV prog,or I have forgotten what a suitable daily doseage would be suitable for a lung cancer survivor?you mention High Dose?what does that mean?.I go to my local Costco store and buy a litre bottle of Wellesse Vitamin D3,it recommends a doseage of 10mls for adults,I have kept this up for over a year now,co-incidentally I have just arrived home from my 6 monthly check up at hospital,I was given the all clear again- Yeah-


Hi ericbyrne, thanks for your welcome and info, and great news from your 6 monthly check up, I'm so pleased for you. I have now got more info on Naltrexone (LDN), thanks to the link from Lyn and Google/you tube, it makes interesting reading, maybe worth a look. As for the Vitamin D dosage, it has been mentioned to us that a high dose of Vitamin D3 (10,000iu) only available on-line, would be beneficial to my husband, that seems like a very high dosage to us!!, and we wondered if anyone had heard of any benefits or problems associated with it?

thanks again, pjlady


hi pjlady,it's new info..journal of Pharmacology, publish that XAMthone Breast Cancer Herbs Plus having an anti-cancer effects such as breast cancer, blood cancer (leukeumia) and liver cancer. It also xanthone has many health benefits, especially cardiovascular health such as overcoming heart disease, atherosclerosis, hypertension and platelets. Xanthones also widens blood vessels and improve blood circulation.


Hi badasyzr, thanks for your post, but please explain, what are/is xanthone? I see how it relates to the conditions you have mentioned, but, please forgive my ignorance, how does it relate to my query about very high doses of vitamin D?



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