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Dad diagnosed in March no primary tumour but pleural effision. Treated with chemo and contained in October but not mets to spine

Hi i just wondered if there is anyone else out there that had mets to the spine so quickly after being told it was contained in the lung? Got results from GP friday night so hoping to speak to Oncologist monday to see next steps. Don't know full extend of spread but from what i've read think it will be radiotheraphy? He hasn't had EGFR testing and trying to get him pushed for that and maybe the ALK testing but don't know if this is difficult as he doesnt have a tumour? Still coming to terms with the fact that it spread so quickly despite being told it was contrain at the beginning of October and then he starts to get pain late October :( Has anyone else experience this?

Thanks for listening


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Hi there Hopefull,

My mum has been told she has mets to the spine as well as the liver and some to the nodes as well. Her original diagnosis was lung cancer but very quickly this was changed to small cell extensive.

She has had 4 chemo rounds and was told there was a huge amount of reduction in all areas. She has also now had PCI to her brain as well as he cancer (small cell) typicaly spreads to the brain.

She is shatterered but still with us and wants to be as well and fit as she can be.

It seems that spread to the spine can be common with certain types of cancer.

Hope he starts ti feel better soon and keep positive.



HI Deano,

Thanks for your comments and wishes. Feeling very positive as really think radiotheraphy will be hlep but its all a waiting game till we hear what the specialists say and the extent.Just surprised it spread so quickly. As they can't find primary they're not too sure but thought NSCLC adenocarinoma and the first lot of chemo worked.

Glad to hear that the chemo is working for you mum and reducing it all

take care



Hi Hopeful,

Am very sorry to hear about your dad,I just wanted to say, I hope he can stay positive as I believe this is a big factor in dealing with this awful disease. And for all those around him.

I don't have any experience of this so I can't offer you any advice I'm sorry. I was tested for EGFR and was positive. Thank goodness I have never smoked! I had tumours 2 one in each lung and lots of smaller ones around my lungs and heart lining. I was put on Iressa 4 months ago. I hope you will have a good a Christmas as you can.

God Bless

Georgie x


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