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Just want to Share my story


I have a wonderful Grandad who is 84 years young

a wonderful wonderful man

Last month told he had lung Cancer and it could not be treated

I only found this info out last week when he was taken into hopital with water on the lungs.

They have treated this and he was due home today but sadly yesterday he has more water come back

I just really want to talk and share how i am feeling

i am worried he will not ever come home again and he will keep getting water on the lungs.

I know its ok to feel sad and he is 84 years old and he cant liver forever but the more i think about it the more sad i get

i do wonder how much time he has left but not sure if that would make is worse

i love him and i want to try as much time as i can with him befor its time for him to go

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Jennifer you seem to have a great relationship with your granda and must be really disappointed he is not coming home today. Have you talked to his doctors about their plans for managing the fluid that is coming back, they will be happy to talk to you if your granda has no objections and they will be AbLe to explain why this is happening. I really hope he improves soon


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