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Hope everyone is well : )

Hi All, Not blogged for a few weeks, I did try yesterday but for some reason I could not post.

Last visited my consultant a couple of months ago, there was a little concern as I had a period where I was coughing up a little blood but the xray was fine. Think I might be in for a telling off the next time I go, he wanted to see me in 6 weeks but due to a little confusion as to whether he would arrange the appointment or me book it, its going to be a little longer, not until the end of September. Even though I have had a little discomfort in the centre of my chest and been having a lot of headaches I am not overly worried as I think it could be more menopausal than anything else as I'm sweating & peeing a lot plus having a lot of sleepless nights, the problems us women have to put up with lol.

What else have I been up to ? I have stripped my living room walls but can't motivate myself to start the wallpapering, a little indecisive about what colour scheme I want. My son & several of his friends from swimming club took part in 'the swim a mile in a month' for RCLCF and up to now between the swim, a name card & a very small cake sale on the last day of term at the school where I work has have raised just over £300, just waiting for one last sponsership to be collected so will let you all know the exact total when that comes in. We are toying with the idea of doing a sponsered walk between Manchester & Southport using the transpennine route, just checking sections of the route to make sure it is managable for us.

Anyway I won't bore you anymore, hope you are all keeping well xx

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Hi Loopyloo.

Good to hear from you. I have some of the same problems - sweats etc., but don't think it's for the same reason as you. :|

Hope your health keeps improving!

Bill x

PS - I've had problems posting the past few days too.


Hi Bill, Glad its not only me (posting that is, not the sweats : ) xx


Hi loopyloo,

lovely to hear from you and well done to your son and friends! How lovely to want and help and support the charity. As for the sponsored walk, go for it! We did one in June, we all wore Roy Castle T shirts and had a really fun day. We also did a fancy dress collection in town, it was such good fun. Not only does it raise some money but also raises the awareness!

Good look with choosing your colour scheme. Too much choice these days I can never make up my mind lol. Your not alone with the menopause either, chemo induced here and there is nothing you can take to help lol. luckily it seems to have stopped again now for me.

Wishing you well

Lyn x


Hi Lynba, Thinking of going for something safe, like magnolia, can't go far wrong with that haha. I have checked part of the route and it was a nice walk, the only thing was there was no loo's and I need it every 5mins just lately : )

I didn't have chemo but did wonder if the menopause was connected with the cancer at one stage because thats when mine started and it seemed to stop after the op, it started again a few months back.

I do take a look at your fb page from time to time, looks like you have a lot of fun raising cash, I may have to pick your brains for idea's. I work in a school and many of the teachers there like nothing more than a pub crawl, might ask them to combine raising some cash on their next one, it will give them an excuse for arranging one lol.

Wishing you well also Lyn

Wendy x


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