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hello from the USA!

hello from the USA!

Just thought I'd stop by and say hello. just having my morning coffee and checking emails etc and posting photo's to FB.

We're now on the 4th leg of our USA trip and are in San Diego.

We've started out in Wisconcin visting friends we met in Jamaica in January.It was one of those we'll visit 'one day' things but when you have stage 4 lc who knows when 'one day' will be soon as we got my latest scan results and they were good we booked a flight!. We spend six days there with glorious sunshine (temp 32) mainly in the pool at there house, we were fed 'Amercian' size portions so the weight had piled on! We had the most fantastic hosts and have friends there for life. We went to theire neighbors wedding the second day we were there and have an open invitation to go back whenever we want.

We then headed for Las Vegas to see an old friend I havn't seen since my RAF days some 30 years ago. We sped all of $1 in the casino lol, we'e not gamblers. The hotels were amazing though, what an experience! My friend has lived there for 27 years so we were shown all the sights the tourists don't see and visted bars that the locals use. It was a staggering 42 degrees! Too hot to be outside so we spent our time visiting the hotel 'shopping malls' to keep cool. The shops were fantastic as was the food!

We then went to San Fransisco which has become one of my favourite places in the world and definitely want to go back again. July however is one of the coldest months - go figure (I'm turning american!) We were not prepared so the first thing we had to do was buy a couple of hoodies to keep warm lol. Still no rain and better temp than the UK. We did so much walking I think most of the Wisconcin weight gain has now dropped off! We ate 'clam chouder' at pier 39, hired biked and cycled 8 miles across the golden gate bridge, visited Alcatraz and of course there were the shops in Union Square.Weve been on the trolly's and cabe cars and even walked some of those steep hills you may have seen! I could live here!

Were in San Diego for 6 days before we reach New York (the last leg) so far weve been to 'Old Town' which was like an old 'western' town steeped in history, weve been 'downtown' (had to but comfy walking shoe, as even my flip flops had given me blisters). Weve been to the San Diego Zoo, which was fabulous. Were off to 'Fashion Valley' today for a stop of shopping then tomorrow (our last full day) off to Baboa Park which aswell as a park has lots of museums. Its also 'gay pride' here this weekend so we thik that the park will be lots of fun as there is music and all sorts going on.

Well thats the adventure so far. Don't be envious, go and do it for yourselves! Life is for living!


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Hi Lyn,

Thanks for sharing your USA journey,I have been following your posts in facebook and the pics of course,glad you are having such a great time.Weather here in Scotland is really poor,I dont ever remember having so many rained out days in summer,my feet are becoming webbed and theres feathers starting to sprout on my body,quack,oops,sorry about that.Bye for now.


Hello Lyn

I really enjoy reading all your posts; so glad you are having a fantastic time, my daughter's sister-in-law lives in San Diego! I find all your posts very inspirational hopefully my Mum and I will be going on a cruise early September. I see my oncologist 23rd Aug, no scan done yet (too early) So no idea how I have reacted to my treatment however, I realise that I can't change anything so I am remaining positive! regards.


Hi Lyn

Glad to see you're enjoying yourself. Just what we did the year after I was over the worst of things. We had a month on the western side of the US., and travelled through nine states in an old Honda Accord! Since then, we've been back a few times and added San Francisco and San Diego to our list of best memories. Have to swap stories some time. :)

Love Bill x


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